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Rector's Office
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Corporate Communication Unit

Main Functions

  1. To manage protocol-related matters
  2. To produce good relationship with the media, societies, government and private departments.
  3. To manage media relation and publicity matters.
  4. To accommodate outside guests/invitations
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Student Affairs Division
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Administration, Discipline and Student Activities Unit

Main Functions

  1. General Administration & Finance
    Serve the counter service, manage the inventory, and manage the allowance claims of SKP
  2. Students' Discipline
    Manage and monitor students' discipline, receive and check reports / complaints, produce the letter of accusation, produce the invitation letters, call for the Disciplinary Board’s hearing, produce the invitation letters for the witnesses, handle the disciplinary hearings, produce the result and the letter of the hearing, receive the letters of Appeal, process of letters of Appeal, plan, execute, and report the findings of observational operations.
  3. Students' Events and Activities
    Process the application for the founding of students’ clubs / internal societies, monitor the management and the operation of the clubs / internal societies, and set the students’ campus activities.
  4. Financial Support, Scholarships & Student Loans and Students’ Welfare
    Manage the students’ Welfare and Emergency Fund, manage the application for students’ fees reduction, manage the students’ application for financial loans, organize and set up interviews for students’ loans / scholarships from local sponsors.
  5. Students' Complaints
    Receive & monitor the complaints, and take action.
  6. Students' Representative Council Bureau (MPP) Manage and supervise the Students’ Council election.
  7. Orientation week program Organize, manage and monitor the Students’ Orientation Week (MMS).
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Academic Affairs Division
The Academic Affairs Division is one of the most important parts in the organizational structure of Universiti Teknologi MARA Kedah. The Academic Affairs Division is responsible for managing matters related to the teaching and learning of academic programs and general functions such as:
• Managing and providing teaching and learning facilities
• Providing support services to help launch the teaching and learning process
• Managing the student record system, examinations and related academic matters - student study information and academic staff matters
Bahagian Hal Ehwal Akademik
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Cawangan Kedah,
Kampus Sungai Petani,
08400 Merbok,
Kedah Darulaman,
Email : (Timbalan Rektor Bahagian Hal Ehwal Akademik)
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Tel: +604-456 2244 
Administrative and Student Records Unit

Main Functions

  1. Management of Student Record Update data in student personal file and ISIS system, keep student data/ student personal file, process applications for further studies / on leave, resignation, location transfer, requests for program or status changes.
  2. Management of Courses and Students Handle student registration every semester, manage course registration and prepare list of courses and classes.
  3. Management of Examination Prepare examination halls, make announcements on information and examination rules to students and lecturers, prepare and distribute   examination schedules and invigilation, manage examination schedules, prepare examination equipment, handle question papers, process examination results.
  4. Management of Teaching and Learning Facilitate classrooms, labs, workshops and studios with teaching equipment, prepare and distribute course timetables to students and lecturers, provide specific training in using teaching tools and equipment, handle feedback and teaching evaluation.
  5. Quality Assurance Improve work and documentation process, Job Performance Group, 5S and Innovations, Customer service and satisfaction.
  6. Training and Teaching Evaluation Manage student registration every semester, manage teaching audit, manage student feedback and responses.
  7. Secretariat Secretariat to committee related to HEA, general management, record letters / document flow, file matters, office tools and equipment, purchases and claims, HEA staff on leave, approval of student official documents, approval of student graduation.
  8. General Management Record letters/ document flow, file matters, office tools and equipment, purchases and claims, HEA staff on leave, approval of student official documents, approval of student graduation, academic administration, academic excellence, academic programs. 
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Unit Pentadbiran dan Rekod Pelajar (UPRP)
Bahagian Hal Ehwal Akademik
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Cawangan Kedah,
Kampus Sungai Petani,
08400 Merbok,
Kedah Darulaman,
Tel: +604-456 2384/2385/2377/2098
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Research, Industrial Linkages, Community & Alumni Division
Research & Industrial Linkages Department (PJI) was established on 1 April 2009 following the new restructuring implemented and the industry network which was previously placed under the Student Affairs Department.

From 2019, the PJI Department is responsible for all instructions from the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation as well as the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Industry, Community & Network Alumni.
Tel: +604-456 2075
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Research & Publication Management Unit


  1. Internal grants -
  2. National grants -
  3. Private grants -
  4. International grants -
  5. Guide for authors -


  1. Research Grant Guideline -
  2. Guide to Dana KPT Grant Applications -
  3. FAQ -


  1. Borang Bayaran Upah GRA
  2. Borang Jadual Kedatangan Pembantu Penyelidik
  3. Garis Panduan Pelantikan Pembantu Penyelidik (RA), Pembantu Penyelidik Siswazah (GRA) Dan Skim Khidmat Tenaga Penyelidikan (SKTP)
  4. Guide To GRA/RA Application In IRMIS
  5. Manual Pendaftaran Dan Permohonan Pembantu Penyelidik: Ketua Projek
  6. Manual Pendaftaran Dan Permohonan Pembantu Penyelidik: Pembantu Penyelidik


  1. Proses penyelidikan dan kewangan -
  2. Permohonan geran -
  3. Proses pemantauan -
  4. Pengurusan aset alih penyelidikan -
  5. Makmal sepunya -
  6. eSaintifik -
  7. Research audit -
  8. Research ethics -
  9. MyRA -
  10. Slaid taklimat pengurusan geran -

Permohonan Matching Grant
Koordinator RMU
Dr Nor Azyyati Anuar
Tel :04-456 2651

Penyelaras MyRA
Dr Norin Rahayu Shamsuddin
Tel : 04-4562518
Administration Division

The Administration Department is responsible for the well-being of the university staff. It has four (4) scopes which are:


1. Placement Management

  1. Placement, staff intake/ interviews
  2. Staff registration
  3. Transfer, resignation/ retirement
  4. Staff on contract basis
  5. Staff promotion


2. Service And Staff Welfare

  1. Staff performance report
  2. Job confirmation
  3. Leave
  4. Staff discipline
  5. Personal file / service book
  6. Loan, housing/ vehicle/ computer
  7. Death benefit


3. Training & Staff Development

  1. Examination
  2. Planning/ course/ training/ seminar


4. Purchase/ Payment

  1. Electric & water
  2. Telephone
  3. Medical care
  4. Ohotostat machine rental
  5. Stamp/franking machine
  6. Stock payment
  7. Mileage
  8. Over time
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Tel: +604-456 2053/ 2058
Fax: +604-456 2051
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