Programme Offered -Postgraduate

Applications to Master's degree or Ph.D programmes can be made directly to UiTM. For postgraduate programmes, the information about the programmes offered, entry requirements, and admission information, can be found at the Institute of Graduate Studies website. The university also offers part-time study mode for various academic programmes. Interested applicants may contact the faculty for details.

1. Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) AA701
2. Doctor of Business Administration AA901
3. Executive Master of Administrative Science AM770
4. Master of Science (Business Management) BA750
5. Doctor of Philosophy (Business Management) BA950
6. Doctor of Philosophy (Office Systems Management) BA992
7. Master in Contemporary Islamic Studies IC780
8. Master of Science (Information Management) IM750 / CDIM750
9. Doctor of Philosophy (Information Management) IM950/ CDIM950
10. Master in Applied Language Studies LG750
11. Doctor of Philosophy Applied Language Studies LG950
12. Master (Arts & Design) AD750 / CAAD750