As on the exception of the speech of the Honorable Tun Abdullah Badawi when officiating ceremony of the FELDA Symposium and EXPO 2003 and the launch of the one District One Product Program at PWTC in 2003, the government will endeavor to involve members of Public Higher Education Institutions who are jobless into the 'Tunas Mekar' - to kickstart the Small and Medium Industries (SMI) in rural areas. As a pilot program, the government has chosen graduates from UiTM from all over the countries to fully cooperate with the university.

With the implementation of this program, graduates will not be sitting idle, and they will be given assistance and chance to gain valuable experiences in the management of finances and small business. The knowledge gained by the young generation will be then utilized as to improve the quality of products as well as to improve profit margins.


  1. To provide Bumiputra graduates a chance to gain experiences in entrepreneurship which then is chosen as a career path.
  2. To assist rural SMI entrepreneurs improving their business with the use of effective management and modern technology.
  3. To establish "Tunas Mekar' as an agenda and strategy to improve the quality of life of rural folks.


The program is based on the integration of academic knowledge and experience in running business by the students whereby the fusion of these two elements will create a synergy that will maximize the return of potentials in running a business. UiTM welcomes the participation of graduates to the program as to realize the vision of our honorable Prime Minister on focusing the energy and effort to seize the opportunity of modernizing rural SMIs.

Link to Official Portal of Tunas Mekar, UiTM Malaysia