Entrepreneurship has become a Critical Agenda Project under the Strategic Plan for Malaysia Higher Education. The Entrepreneurship Development policy for Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) was introduced in 2010 to promote well-planned and holistic entrepreneurship development in IHL. Six thrusts have been outlined. Thrust five of the policy, among others aims to promote a conducive environment and ecosystem in IHL through the establishment of more students cooperative.

In line with the vision of the Ministry of Higher education, UiTM Kedah has established Koperasi Siswa UiTM Kedah Berhad to assist the achievement of the objectives of The Entrepreneurship Development policy for Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) 

Koperasi Siswa UiTM Kedah Berhad (Kosiswa) was registered with Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia on 15/8/2012. The membership of Kosiswa UiTM Kedah Berhad  is open to all students of UiTM Kedah. The main goal of the establishment of this cooperative is to provide entrepreneurship exposure to UiTM Kedah’s students.


Objective of KOSISWA

  • To  create resilient  entrepreneurship communities among students of UiTM Kedah
  • To establish effective teamwork among students in the social-economic development
  • To create business value chain among students.
  • To become a platform for students to carry out business activities and social entrepreneurship.
  • To exposure students to the real business environment.
  • To complement the cooperative movement in Malaysia.


Benefits of becoming a member KOSISWA are as follows:

  • Opportunity to manage business under KOSISWA
  • Opportunity to attend entrepreneurship training
  • Opportunity to become a member of the Board of Cooperative of KOSISWA
  • Opportunity to gain annual dividend declared by KOSISWA