The Sports Unit is responsible to arrange and organize students and staff sport activities as well as maintain and supervise sport facilities. The unit aims to encourage both staff and students participation in sport activities and practice a healthy lifestyle.

Main Functions

  1. Booking & Leasing of Sporting Equipment Approval / approval of usage / leasing, Acceptance of leasing receipts, Venue preparations, Copy of the forms to be sent to the Department of Security, Safety of equipment and its usage, Maintenance, Usage records
  2. Development of Sporting Achievements
    Joining of any national level competitions, Ensures those who are taking part in the competitions are well qualified, Joining of symposiums, conventions, or advanced courses, Collaborates with teams / state or nations level sporting bodies in order to boost knowledge and exchange ideas and expertise in sports
  3. Athletes's Welfare Provides support to problematic athletes, Consultations to players / athletes in sports and recreations, Financial support, Acceptance of funding for sporting development, Collaborates with state or national level sporting bodies, Interacts / discussions with athletes in matters regarding the sporting performance and development.
  4. Athletes's Development Planning of athletes’ sporting development, Athletes’ involvement in sports, Planning and improvements of athletes’ sporting capabilities, Assessing athletes’ performance,Records of athletes, Prepares sporting equipment and needs for athletes in sports, Motivation and seminars, Preparation of budget
  5. Supervising of Sporting Activities Preparation / Discussions, Meetings / Assemblies, Acquiring of approval and budget, Venue preparation and equipment needs, Final checking, Supervisions / Observations, Postmortem reports
  6. Administration of Sporting Unit Manages the Sporting Unit, Control and supervise, Unit’s planning, Budget of Unit and yearly budget, Takes care of the players’ safety / equipment and amenities’ well-being, Records of Sporting Societies, players, and achievements, Planning and development of sporting infrastructure
  7. Leasing/ Returning of Sporting Equipment Acceptance of forms and checking of needs, Giving approval and signing of forms, Taking of equipment, Manages the security of the sporting store
  8. Returns Receiving of leased equipment, Ensures that all are accounted for and is clean, Cancels and certifies the leasing forms. Take actions if any equipment is missing or damaged, Stores returned equipment