RMU is set up to encourage and facilitate research as well as to protect and commercialize the intellectual property. The unit organizes training programmes in basic research and coordinates internal resources to support research activities. The unit also handles joint programmes on specialized fields with departments or faculties within UiTM. It also collaborates with other universities or research institutes, government agencies and private sectors on areas of strategic interests.


  • To process the research application forms from the lecturers to be sent to RMI, Shah Alam
  • To manage the agreement between the researchers and RMI, Shah Alam
  • To encourage lecturers to apply for grants by organizing relevant courses on how to fill in the proposal forms for Excellence Grant, FRGS, etc
  • To monitor the progress of every research registered with RMI
  • To manage the appointment of Research Assistants
  • To process the requests for advance and claims for every research
  • To give updated information on research activities
  • To plan and execute research activities
  • To provide advice to every enquiry related to research from the lecturers
  • To source for outside grants for the lecturers to conduct research
  • To process the registration (the relevant documents) for consultation work executed by the lecturers
  • To process the appointment of the lecturers as consultants
  • To monitor the consultation work
  • To monitor the payment received by the clients for consultation
  • To manage the honorarium paid to the lecturers for their consultation work
  • To monitor the ledger on payment received and expenditure made using the consultation account
  • To record the applications for patents/copyright which are sent to Shah Alam

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