In the need to ensure the successful delivery of the New Economic Model (NEM) and the 10th Malaysia plan, the government recognizes the inherent   benefits from the collaboration between university, industry and community. University, industry and communityalready have an existing have a long proposed collaboration, but there are some complex, technological and social problems that still need to be addressed. Universities are now expected to harness their resources, both human and physical, for mutual and beneficial relationships with their communities by addressing their issues and needs, and providing solutions towards this transformation. Furthermore, any effective and sustainable engagement will surely benefit everyone involved.


This unit acts as a catalyst for the university to engage with the industry and community in order to address the needs of both parties in the generation of new knowledge. It also plays a role in the creation of applicable and economically useful knowledge for the well being of the society given the university’s role as the economic and intellectual’s engine for the nation. The strong partnership with the industry will open up vast opportunities for the academia to get the experience and exposure in order to be relevant and in line to the current needs of the market.

Link to Official Portal of Industrial, Community and Alumni Network (ICAN), UiTM Malaysia