The Facility Management Department is led by one engineer who is assisted by 35 staff. The Section has four (4) units which are Civil Operation Unit, Contract & Project Unit, Mechanical Unit and Electrical and Telecommunication Unit. This Division reports directly to the campus Rector.

Main Functions

Civil Unit

  1. Ensures that the campus surroundings are taken care off.
  2. Ensures that the surroundings and buildings are clean.
  3. Ensures that all the facilities are usable.
  4. Supplies all logistic equipment for all the programmes/events.

Mechanical Unit

  1. Ensures that the water source and water supply is in good condition.
  2. Ensures that the UiTM kedah official vehicles are in good condition.
  3. Ensures that the fire extinguisher system functions well.
  4. Ensures the sewage system is in working order.
  5. Ensures that the air-conditioning system is in working order.

Electrical And Telecommunication Unit

  1. Ensures the power inlet and outlet are in working order.
  2. Ensures the installation and electrical appliances are in working order.
  3. Ensures the connection/ telecommunication system is in working order.
  4. Ensures the broadcast system is in working order.
  5. Manages and provides the logistic items for programmes/ official functions.

Contract & Project Unit

  1. Ensures the availability of physical amenities and infrastructures.
  2. Manages all quality amenities with effective costs.
  3. Fulfill the common needs and offering of consultations in terms of technical planning.
  4. Maintains, repairs and upgrades all of the buildings’ amenities as well as the surrounding areas.
  5. Plans the developmental and area’s growth.