The Auxiliary Police Office is led by one security officer who is also assisted by 42 auxiliary police officers.

Main Functions

  1. Investigation Section Investigates crime reports, Manages / plans special confidential tasks, Prepares investigation reports, Manages the safety of VIPs, Manages the protocol, Handles relationships with external agencies, Monitors staff’s activities, Security checks of the staff, visitors and students
  2. Traffic Section Manages the traffic, Handles the traffic for Senior Officers, Upholds the Traffic Ordinance, Issues traffic charges, Manages road blocks
  3. Operation Section Handles spot checks (college, students, vehicles, and campus areas), Prepares written reports, Monitors students’ activities, Manages counter services, Upholds the law & Act 174, Manages the discipline of officers, Manages fire outbreaks, Manages the security system in the entry and exit of the campus as well as make frequent rounds
  4. Logistic & Administrative Section Incoming and outgoing mails, Filing, Processes reports, complaints, students’ discipline, Manages vehicle stickers, Manages students’ traffic offences’ payment, Processing of offices’ leave, Overtime programme, Sets the shift programme, Manages the performance reports of officers, Manages the purchasing of security officers’ uniforms, Manages the security passes, Manages the stationeries, Manages the offices’ and security posts’ amenities, Manages the licensing of walkie talkies, Manages UiTM’s vehicles, Log books, Fuel supply

Link to Official Portal of Auxiliary Police Office, UiTM Malaysia