The Curriculum Affairs Unit (UHEK) UiTM Kedah is divided into two sections: OBE Committee and Curriculum Committee. Each committee is also represented by a lecturer from each program or department. This unit manages the affairs of the academic curriculum in matters pertaining the implementation of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) and student-centered learning (SCL) in teaching and learning.

Main Functions

  1. To disseminate information about academic policies and procedures.
  2. To monitor the implementation and quality of academic assessment and matters relating to the assessment processes.
  3. To help UiTM Kedah in the preparation of facing the accreditation from the government and professional bodies and external assessment visit.
  4. To monitor the implementation of OBE-SCL in UiTM Kedah and ensure the implementation of the proposed improvements.
  5. To help UiTM Kedah measure the learning and Programme outcomes taking into consideration the important of soft skills.
  6. To ensure all lecturers in UiTM Kedah are exposed to OBE-SCL.
  7. To provide advice to lecturers and students in all matters related to the implementation of OBE and curriculum instruction.