Student-centered learning in OBE means students will be equally responsible for their own learning. Engagement of both students and lecturers will be visible in the teaching and learning process.

Students will be responsible for meeting the many levels of learning outcomes by:

Adhering to notional Student Learning Time (SLT).
Actively engaging in all learning opportunities (Face to Face and Self-Learning).
Aware of academic requirements, rules and regulations.
Proactive in constructing knowledge from multiple sources (print media, online media, peers, lecturers, society, environment).

1. Students Responsibility:

1. To know your Program Outcomes.

  • What you will gain throughout your program.
  • Characteristics that describes your ability at the point of graduation.
  • Description of your future employment.

2. To be well aware of your program plan.
3. To know that each course (subject) outcomes contributes to your overall success in the program.
4. To know that Student Learning Time (SLT) is a guiding compass to manage your academic life.
5. To monitor your own learning through student portfolios and seek guidance from your Academic Advisor.


2. Students Learning Time (SLT)

Translating SLT for Diploma Program (5 days per week for 14 weeks)

Total Credit = 90 credit

Translates to 90 X 40 hrs SLT = 3,600 hrs SLT for a 2 1/2 year program.

This translates to:
1440 hrs a year
720 hrs per semester
51.43 hrs a week
10.29 hrs a day (YOUR COMMITMENT)

Translating SLT for Degree Program (5 days per week for 14 weeks)

Total Credit = 120 credit

Translates to 120 X 40 hrs SLT = 4,800 hrs SLT for a 3 year program.

This translates to:
1600 hrs a year
800 hrs per semester
57.14 hrs a week
11.43 hrs a day (YOUR COMMITMENT)


3. Students Assessment

There are multiple methods of assessment:

  • Continuous Assessment:
    - During the course (Quiz, Test, Project, Assignment, Oral Presentation, Performance, Artifact, Soft Skills Enhancement).
  • Final Examination:
    - Written and taken at the end of a course.
  • Percentage between Continuous Assessment and Final Examination is assigned according to the programme/course.
  • A pass indicates attainment of the course outcome.
  • Excellence is indicated by an A+ score or 4.00 GPA