Outcome-based education is a method of curriculum design and teaching that focuses on what students can actually do after they are taught.

These questions are asked:

What do you want the students to learn?
Why do you want them to learn it?
How can you best help students to learn it?
How will you know what they have learnt?

It involves documenting the intended results, how the results will be measured and monitored and taking action to make real learning happen. It is a process that involves the restructuring of curriculum, assessment and reporting practices in education to reflect the achievement of higher order learning and mastery rather than accumulation of course credits.

OBE-SCL highlights three paradigm shifts in the education and training philosophy:

  1. From teacher-centered (TCL) ------- to a student-centered (SCL).
  2. From traditional teaching where teachers “own” the knowledge and convey it to the students ------- to SCL Based teaching : students (trainees) to learn as much as possible.
  3. From teachers bringing the content and the answers into the classroom/ training room with them ------- to teachers being coaches who ask questions and provide guidelines for the acquisition of knowledge.