The Faculty of Administrative Science & Policy Studies (FSPPP) has been established officially on January 14, 2003.  The faculty welcomes a new name after a major restructuring of Faculty of Public Administrative and Laws.  It has been focusing on strengthening and developing its administration and also the foundation for years.

The Diploma of Public Administration was introduced in UiTM Kedah since October 1997. Later in May 2006, the Bachelor of Administrative Science (BAS) was launched. The programme also welcomes students who enroll from both PLK and e-PJJ programmes.  A total of 650 students enrolled for DPA, and 175 students for BAS as per to-date. Both programmes offer students to socialise and establish network in the students’ clubs known as  BASICs (degree students) and DiPAC (diploma students). The clubs have been actively involved with various academic and charity activities for both students and the society.

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