The Faculty of Art & Design (FSSR) was introduced with the priority to educate and develop students through the study of design. The faculty provides challenging context for students to research, produce, and critically evaluate their creativity within a cultural and historical framework. FSSR in UiTM Kedah offers diversified programmes namely Graphic Design & Digital Media, and Industrial Design. We glorify and celebrate their inspiration every semester by giving them the opportunity to display and exhibit their artwork in shows and exhibitions. We not only work closely with students but also with related industries in order for the students to discover changes in the world.

Relationships with industries enable the faculty to prepare students with latest ideas and innovations as well as hands on experience for the students, reflecting the real-world fluidity between employment sectors. This allows us and the students of FSSR to explore exciting range of creative intersections, from areas as diverse as fine and applied arts to industrial design, visual communication and multimedia and digital arts.

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