InED UiTM Cawangan Kedah Unit manages two main learning programmes which are the Flexible Learning Programme (e-PJJ); and Pendidikan Usahasama with Kolej Bersekutu UiTM as mandated by Institute of Educational Development (InED) of Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam. Flexible Learning Program (e-PJJ) was developed in September 2001 as to cater the needs of working students and to offer tertiary education for self-development and career enhancement. Electronic distance education program (e-PJJ) is an innovative approach in terms of learning and teaching in UiTM. Through e-PJJ, students would determine the time, place and teaching mode that are suitable with their needs and lifestyle. Therefore, the students would be able to arrange their flexibility with the learning programme offered.  Currently, the unit is responsible for approximately 500 aspiring students with more than 80 highly dedicated academic staff.

The e-PJJ program also offers various facilities and services as to assist the teaching and learning process in order to encourage interactivity and effectiveness. This innovative program is a combination of variety learning methods consisting of study materials, additional reference materials, a consistent lecturer support, forum interaction and discussion between students as well as face-to-face seminars. The e-PJJ learning method uses effective learning educational technology (iCLASS). The system is one of the best and the most appropriate ways of supporting education system for distance education program in Malaysia and it helps in promoting the effective and interactive learning. (Source:

Pusat Pendidikan Usahasama (PPU) is UiTM’s visionary collaboration with Malaysia’s IPTS (Kolej Bersekutu UiTM). These institutions (Kolej Poly-Tech MARA Alor Setar, Kedah and Kolej Teknologi Pulau, Pulau Pinang) provide opportunities to those who are qualified for a place in the university but unable to secure a spot in UiTM. The academic programmes run by these IPTS are similar to the ones conducted by faculties and academic centers of UiTM.

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