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Selecting a course of study at a university is a major decision. We advise applicants to read the university prospectus and access the information via our website before making the final decision. Applications to our Diploma or Bachelor's degree programmes can be made through the University Center Unit/ Unit Pusat Universiti (UPU) or online via the Student Intake Administration Division, Ministry of Higher Education. Applying online means that you only have to submit one application form and UPU will send your application to your choice of universities. Applicants are expected to meet all the entry requirements. Information about the programmes offered at UiTM can be viewed at the Academic & International Affairs (HEA) official website.

1. Diploma in Accountancy AC110 1. Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons) AC220
2. Diploma in Graphic Design and Digital Media AD111 2. Bachelor of Industrial Design (Hons) AD244
3. Diploma in Industrial Design AD114 3. Bachelor of Administrative Science (Hons) AM228
4. Diploma in Public Administration AM110 4.  Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) (Hons) BM240
5.  Diploma in Business Studies BM111 5.  Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) (Hons) BM242
6. Diploma in Office Management & Technology BM118 6.  Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resource Management) (Hons) BM243
7. Diploma in Banking BM119 7.  Bachelor of Business Administration (Operations Management) (Hons) BM244
8. Diploma in Computer Science CS110 8.  Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business) (Hons) BM246
9. Diploma in Mathematical Sciences CS143 9.  Bachelor of Business Administration (Islamic Banking) (Hons) BM249
10. Diploma in Information Management IM110 10. Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Economics) (Hons) BM250
11. Diploma in Library Science IM120 11.  Bachelor of Science (Hons) Netsentric Computing CS231
      12. Bachelor of Science (Hons) Library & Information Management IM244



Applications to Master's degree or Ph.D programmes can be made directly to UiTM. For postgraduate programmes, the information about the programmes offered, entry requirements, and admission information, can be found at the Institute of Graduate Studies website. The university also offers part-time study mode for various academic programmes. Interested applicants may contact the faculty for details.

1. Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) AA701


Pre-Diploma (MDAB)

Penubuhan program MDAB ini adalah bertujuan untuk memberi peluang pendidikan kepada anak-anak miskin Melayu dan Bumiputera di bandar dan luar bandar yang berpendapatan (gaji kasar) ibu dan bapa kurang dari RM 4,000 SEBULAN. Selain itu, peluang itu turut dibuka kepada lepasan pelajar tahfiz yang tidak berpeluang memasuki universiti lain untuk menyambung pengajian dalam bidang yang diminati dibawah Akademi Pengajian Islam Kontemporari yang menawarkan empat bidang pengajian di peringkat sarjana muda. Jika anda terpilih, anda akan melanjutkan pengajian dalam program Pra perdagangan iaitu selama 1 semester dan pra diploma sains 2 semester. Tamat pengajian, pelajar yang mendapat keputusan yang baik berpeluang untuk diserap terus ke semester kedua, program diploma sepenuh masa di UiTM. Menariknya lagi, pengajian ini ditanggung sepenuhnya iaitu PERCUMA. Yuran pengajian, penginapan dan elaun sara hidup ditanggung sepenuhnya sehingga tamat pengajian.

1. Pre-Commerce (MDAB) PD002


Flexible Learning Programme

The Flexible Learning Programme (FLP) has enabled the process of education and training to be expanded in an online virtual college mode, enabling students to use the state-of-the-art, and multi-media, e-Learning techniques. University Technology Mara (UiTM) has responded by applying the revolutionary new eLearning concept in her attempt to be futuristic towards the next generation of distance-learning. In doing so, the flexible learning programme offers an expanding range of exciting new formats for ICT and website design courses. Students may access the readymade information and references electronically and communicate online and interact through Internet. UiTM in general and the Faculty of Information Management in particular has moved a step further in providing education through Internet, known as the flexible learning program. This faculty became the first to provide a master's program through flexible learning known as the Masters of Science in Information Management. The first group of 77 students came from all over Malaysia. It is interesting to note that the response from the participants has been encouraging despite the fact that this is a new mode of learning in Malaysia. The monthly seminars that are being held not only help in the reinforcement of the student's capacity to absorb and to consolidate the sessions, but also to provide a good forum for discussions. This paper will attempt to explain the FLP and how it has so far sustained in meeting the objective of the program, despite the fact that it is of recent phenomena. This program has run smoothly and the rate of students' response have continuously been encouraging.

1. Diploma in Business Studies BM111
2. Diploma in Information Management IM110
3. Diploma in Public Administration AM110
4. Bachelor of Administrative Science (Hons) AM228