Unit of Administration, Activities, and Students’ Discipline Unit

Hairul Nizam Othman
Senior Assistant Registrar
Head of Administration, Activities, and Students’ Discipline Unit
Student Affairs Division
Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Kedah
Tel : 604-456 2038
Fax : 604-456 2234
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The Administration, Activities, and Students’ Discipline Unit reports directly to the Students Affairs Division.
Main Functions
1. General Administration & Finance
Serve the counter service, manage the inventory, and manage the allowance claims of SKP
2. Students' Discipline
Manage and monitor students' discipline, receive and check reports / complaints, produce the letter of accusation, produce the invitation letters, call for the Disciplinary Board’s hearing, produce the invitation letters for the witnesses, handle the disciplinary hearings, produce the result and the letter of the hearing, receive the letters of Appeal, process of letters of Appeal, plan, execute, and report the findings of observational operations.
3. Students' Events and Activities
Process the application for the founding of students’ clubs / internal societies, monitor the management and the operation of the clubs / internal societies, and set the students’ campus activities.
4. Financial Support, Scholarships & Student Loans and Students’ Welfare
Manage the students’ Welfare and Emergency Fund, manage the application for students’ fees reduction, manage the students’ application for financial loans, organize and set up interviews for students’ loans / scholarships from local sponsors.
5. Students' Complaints
Receive & monitor the complaints, and take action.
6. Students' Representative Council Bureau (MPP) Manage and supervise the Students’ Council election.
7. Orientation week program Organize, manage and monitor  the Students’ Orientation Week (MMS)