College Management Unit

Zahirizal Miskom
Senior Dormitory Manager
Head of College Management Unit
Students Affairs Division
Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Kedah
Tel : 604-456 2258
Fax : 604-456 2256
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The College Management Unit reports to the Student Affairs Division. This unit is responsible for providing basic needs such as accommodation, meals, college regulations, welfare, as well as carrying out students’ activities in their respective colleges.

Main Functions
1. Manages the students’ and external organizations’ accommodations
2. Manages the students’ and external organizations’ meals
3. Carries out colleges’ activities
4. Manages the students’ welfare
5. Supervises the purchase of students’ amenities in the colleges
6. Provides and maintains a clean and pleasant environment in the colleges
7. Accepts and manages visits from other campuses and external organizations