Profesor Dr. Mohamad Abdullah Hemdi HRM Management And Practices In Hospitality And Tourism Industry, Medical Tourism, Hospitality
    Profesor Dr. Roshima Haji Said Corporate Governance, Sustainability Management, Corporate Reporting, Ethics and Financial Criminology
    Profesor Madya Ts. Dr. Asmadi Mohammed Ghazali Records Management, Archive Administration, Information Technology, Library & Information Science
    Profesor Madya Ts. Dr. Azhari Md Hashim User Emotion and Perception on Design, Automotive Aesthetics
    Profesor Madya Dr. Abdul Majeed Ahmad Communication and Technology; Acceptance/ Adoption of New Media/ Innovation/ Technology Studies; Event Management; Sociolinguistic and Translation Studies
    Profesor Madya Dr. Mahazir Ismail  
    Profesor Madya Dr. Mohd Rizaimy Shaharudin Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Green Supply Chain Management, Reverse Supply Chains, Closed-Loop Supply Chains
    Profesor Madya Dr. Nik Ramli Nik Abdul Rashid Environmental Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Safety Management, Environmental Management System
    Profesor Madya Dr. Noor Zahirah Mohd Sidek International Economics and Finance
    Profesor Madya Dr. Wan Adibah Wan Ismail Corporate Ownership, Financial Reporting, Corporate Governance, Earnings Quality
    Profesor Madya Dr. Zaherawati Zakaria Local Government, Sustainable Development, Public Finance and Public Policy/ Decision Making
    Ts. Dr. Abd Latif Abdul Rahman Information Systems Management, Digital Libraries Management, Information and Knowledge Management
    Dr. Afida Ahmad Computer Aided Geometric Design
    Dr. Azfahanee Zakaria Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Change Management
    Dr. Azlyn Ahmad Zawawi Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Team Performance Management
    Dr. Azree Ahmad Information Searching Behaviour, Citation Analysis, Abstracting & Indexing, Mosque library, Digital library
    Dr. Azyyati Anuar Lean management, sustainability and entrepreneurship
    Dr. Baderisang Mohamed  
    Dr. Chaleeda Som Sak Finance
    Dr. Dahlia Ibrahim Financial Management, Personal Financial Planning, Financial Performance
    Dr. Daing Maruak Sadek Islamic banking, finance, corporate governance, and Islamic studies
    Dr. Farahdina Fazial Islamic Economy and Finance
    Dr. Faryna Mohd Khalis Visual Literacy, Communication, Illustration, Graphic & Animation Character Design
    Dr. Hafizah Besar Sa'aid Health Technology Assessment, Office Management, Decision Making in Hospitals, Health or Hospital Management
    Dr. Hafizah Hammad Ahmad Khan Economics, Financial Economics, Environmental Economics
    Dr. Hamizah Hassan Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance
    Dr. Hasnul Azwan Azizan @ Mahdzir Virtual Prototyping, Vehicle Design, Automotive design practice/ Education, Concept Design
    Dr. Hasroleffendy Hassan Banking & Finance Performance (Corporate and Islamic), Corporate Governance
    Dr. Intan Marzita Saidon Ethics, Organizational Behaviour, Supply Chain Management, Accounting Education
    Dr. Jamaludin Akbar Quality of Serrvice, Buyer-Vendor Relationship and Qualitative Study
    Dr. Junaida Ismail Public Administration, Public Policy, Water Resource Management
    Dr. Kamarudin Othman Production Economics
    Dr. Kardina Kamaruddin Intellectual Capital Management, Change Management, Human Resource Management
    Dr. Khairul Adilah Ahmad Computer Vision, Image Processing, Fuzzy Logic and Classification
    Dr. Law Kuan Kheng Entrepreneurship, IT in Business, Selling
    Dr. Mahadzir Ismail Industrial Economics, Islamic Banking
    Dr. Marzlin Marzuki Accounting Ethics, Accounting Education
    Dr. Mohamed Samsudeen Sajahan Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Health Communication, Public Health Intervention, Social Marketing, Non-Profit Marketing, Public Administration, Public Policy & Public Relation
    Dr. Mohd Nasir Ayub Islamic Thought, Islamic Education, Islamic Civilization, Methodology Of Quranic Exegisis
    Dr. Mohd Zool Hilmie Mohamed Sawal Information System Management
    Dr. Muhamad Khairul Anuar Zulkepli Arabic Rhetoric, Syntax & Morphology, Quranic Text Analysis, Aesthetics Of Al-Qur’an
    Dr. Muhammad Hariz Hamid Financial Accounting and Reporting, Whistleblowing, Occupational Fraud
    Dr. Muhammad Saiful Islam Ismail Sharia, Islamic Transaction Law (Muamalat), Islamic Finance and Banking, Islamic Marketing and Branding
    Dr. Nadzri Ab Ghani Corporate Governance, Ethics, Supply Chain Management, Accounting Education
    Dr. Neesa Ameera Mohamed Salim Advertising, Advertising Literacy, Media Literacy, Visual Communication
    Dr. Noor Syahidah Mohamad Akhir History of Islam in Malay World, Old Malay Manuscripts, Islamic Literature, Tasawwuf, Malay Islamic Culture
    Dr. Nor Azrina Mohd Yusof @ Ghani Tax Compliance, Tax Fraud, Tax Education and Judgment and Decision Making
    Dr. Nor Zaini Zainal Abidin Local Government, Sustainable Development, Public Policy/ Decision Making
    Dr. Norhidayah Ali Business Management
    Dr. Nurazlina Jamalludin Product design, Furniture design, Ageing perception on Design
    Dr. Nur Zainie Abd Hamid Health administration and management, Human resource in healthcare
    Dr. Nurul 'Ayn Ahmad Sayuti Biophilic Design, Emotional Design, Industrial Design, Furniture Design, Product Design
    Dr. Rohayati Hussin Law
    Dr. Rosidah Ahmad Educational Technology, Mathematics, Operation Research
    Dr. Roziyana Jafri Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Management
    Dr. Sarah Sabir Ahmad Customer Satisfaction/ Marketing Management
    Dr. Shafilla Subri Interactive Multimedia Design, Graphic Communication, New Media & Design Technology, Instructional Multimedia, 3D Animation
    Dr. Shamsul Jamel Elias VANETs, Congestion Control, Taguchi Method, Optimization, IoT
    Dr. Siti Muliana Samsi  
    Dr. Siti Norfazlina Yusoff Public Finance (Taxation - Tax Evasion &  Tax Compliance)
    Dr. Siti Nur Shahira Dahari Information Management, Knowledge Management, Personality and Behavioral Studies, Library and Information Science
    Dr. Taniza Tajuddin Computer Science
    Dr. Wan Irham Ishak Language/ English for Specific Purposes, Discourse and Communication Studies, Professional Communication, Applied Linguistics
    Dr. Wan Nailah Abdullah Accounting
    Dr. Wan Noor Faaizah Wan Omar Bio Inspired Design, Biomimicry Design Approach, Design Management, Design Thinking, Sustainable Design, Design Process, Furniture Design, Rhino Software, Cnc Miling Machine (MDX-540)
    Dr. Yanti Aspha Ameira Mustapha Finance
    Dr. Zuraidah Mohamed Isa Microcredit, Quality of Life and Entrepreneurial Behavior