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Databases on Trial

EMIS - ISI Emerging Market

Emerging Markets Information Service (EMIS) delivers deep, rich company and industry information, alongside the relevant proprietary and multi-source news, research, analytics and benchmarking tools that allow professionals to make profitable decisions faster.

 Trial Expired on: 14 December 2013 (9 days left)
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OECD : Publishing Division of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

OECD Publishing is one of the world’s largest publishers of books in the fields of ‘Economics’ and ‘Public Affairs’. It publishes more than 250 new books, 40 updated statistical databases, and thousands of new statistical tables, working papers, and journal articles each year. Notable OECD publication includes OECD Factbook, OECD Economic Outlook, Model Tax Convention, Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and World Energy Outlook among others.
 Trial Expired on: 31 December 2013 (26 days left)
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Ovid : Primal Picture Sport & Rehabilitation Package

Sport and Rehabilitation gives an access to the most popular sports and therapy titles, this comprehensive package includes a huge range of content covering functional anatomy, sports injuries, exercise specific content and therapy. 

Package includes access to the following 8 titles: 
  • Sports Injuries Foot Ankle and Lower Leg 2nd Edition 
  • Sports Injuries Knee 2nd Edition 
  • Sports Injuries Shoulder 2nd Edition 
  • Interactive Hand Therapy 
  • Interactive Functional Anatomy 2nd Edition 
  • 3D Anatomy: Resistance Training 
  • Anatomy for Exercise 
  • Anatomy Trains
 Trial Expired on: 18 December 2013 (13 days left)
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