Rector's Office

    Rector's Office has five (5) units which are: 

    1. Corporate Communications Unit

    Main Functions

    1. To manage protocol-related matters
    2. To produce good relationship with the media, societies, government and private departments.
    3. To manage media relation and publicity matters.
    4. To accommodate outside guests/invitations

    2. Islamic Affairs Unit

    Main Functions

    1. To give advice on religious matters
    2. To carry out religious activities
    3. To coordinate the Friday prayers and Tarawikh prayers in Ramadhan
    4. To supervise and offer guidance in the practice of Islamic practices

    3. Quality Management Unit

    Main Functions

    1. To generate consistency in consultation with departments and units in UiTM Kedah.
    2. To give awards for Quality Competition at university level
    3. To manage quality records

    4. Strategic and University Transformation Unit

    Main Functions

    1. To coordinate the planning, implementation and monitoring of UiTM Kedah’s strategic plan.
    2. To coordinate the development and monitoring of initiatives or quick wins at the campus level.
    3. To coordinate the development and monitoring of Vice Chancellor Special Projects (VCSP) at the campus level.

    5. Malaysian Academy of SME & Entrepreneurship Development (MASMED) 

    Main Functions

    • To become the only entrepreneur studies and development centre based in institutes of higher learning.